The Isles of Greece! is an interdisciplinary faculty-led study tour in Greece offered by the University of South Dakota.  The course is open to students from other institutions.  The three-week course involves one land-based week, including time in Athens, and two weeks based on sailboats, sailing different itineraries each year in the Greek Islands and coastline.  The course has been run most summers since 2005.

The Isles of Greece! can be taken for three or six credits in the following subjects: History, Philosophy, Art History, Classical Humanities, Religious Studies, Political Science, English, and Earth Sciences.

Spend three weeks sailing, hiking, and wandering Greek villages... visiting archaeological, historical, and geologic sites, world class museums and local town museums.  There are opportunities for snorkeling and diving as well.  Students give topical report presentations and keep an academic journal integrating their experiences with course content. 

The 2015 edition of the course will have a sailing itinerary in the northern Dodecanese Islands, and include a three-day excursion visiting ancient Greek sites in Turkey.  The dates are May 24 - June 15, 2015.  For details see the current prospectus.  Expenses:
  -Course fee $2,950
  -Tuition ~$1,000 for three credits
  -Airfare est. $1,000-$1,500

Applications due November 14, 2014

Contact Brennan Jordan or Clayton Lehmann with any inquiries.