The Isles of Greece! 2015: The Dodecanese Islands & Ionian Turkey

Three weeks, late May-mid-June, 2015 (dates not set) - Proposed Program, anticipating approval in summer 2014 for 2015 offering.

This course will introduce students to a variety of aspects of life in Greece over the five millennia from the Bronze Age to our own time. Topics include history, literature, geology, religion, philosophy, ethnography, marine biology, archaeology, and cultural resources management. Sailing and hiking, lectures and readings, snorkeling and diving, visits to sites and museums, conversations with faculty and fellow students, student reports, encounters with our Greek hosts, and travel diaries will provide opportunities for students to acquire information and reflect on their experiences. In particular, the nautical life will give students a sense of the Greek islands as the Greeks saw them in an age before mechanized travel: from the sea in sailing vessels. Students will learn to sail and to live aboard a sailboat.  The 2015 course will include a three-day excursion to visit ancient Greek sites in the Meander River valley of Turkey.

For complete information about the program, peruse the prospectus and when you are ready, apply through Global Learning. We welcome students from outside USD; please contact Mr Jordan or Mr Lehmann directly.

You can find Mr Lehmann's PowerPoint Overview of Greek History here, Mr Stone's PowerPoint on Greek Philosophy and religion here, and Mr Jordan's PowerPoint of Greek Geology here. The rubrics lay out the academic expectations of this program.

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Mr Lehmann and Mr Stone wrote an article about this program, "Greece from the Sea: An Interdisciplinary, Intercollegiate Adventure in Teaching and Learning," The Classical Journal 105.2 (2009/10) 163-73.

Mr Lehmann wrote a review of the trip in 2012 for our charter company.

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