Program Faculty

Clayton Lehmann teaches ancient history at the University of South Dakota and has lived, traveled, studied, and taught in Greece for thirty years.  He joined Stone for a sailing and diving tour of the Cyclades in June 2003, when the two of them conceived the idea of teaching this course, now in its ninth year.  He will lecture in Greek history, archaeology, poetry, theatre, and art history.  Website

Nelson Stone retired from Mount Marty College after teaching philosophy and religion for thirteen years.  He has sailed his whole life, and developed the vision for this course with Lehmann in 2003.  He will lecture on philosophy, religion, and theatre, and provide sailing instruction.  A PADI scuba instructor, Professor Stone will also serve as dive master.

Brennan Jordan teaches about minerals and the origin of volcanoes at the University of South Dakota.  He has led student trips all around the western U.S. and directed research expeditions in Iceland and Mongolia.  He will lecture on the geology and landforms of Greece.  This will be his fifth season in Greece.  Website

All three faculty are ASA certified bare-boat charter captains

Professors Lehmann and Stone wrote an article about this program, "Greece from the Sea: An Interdisciplinary, Intercollegiate Adventure in Teaching and Learning," The Classical Journal 105.2 (2009/10) 163-73.